Hello William,

We met at Lillian's birthday celebration last Saturday.  I just received a forwarded copy of the clip which you produced.

Thank you for your warmth, care and sweet words during the taping. 

Without a doubt, you provided an environment which allowed me to speak from the "heart" and give to Lillian a small
"token" of my love.

My very best to you,


aka Howie   : )

Dear William,

Thank you so much for all of the incredible and demanding work you and Theo completed for our family yesterday.  I just know that the final product will be absolutely beautiful!  Thank you for the skill, experience, care and kindness you have so generously shared with all of us.  Your professionalism combined with your sensitivity helped to make the day a beautiful one!

Also, thank you so much for sharing the treatment package and two videos with me.  How impressive. 

Take good care,



Dear William Byers,
Please accept our thanks for your excellent production of a custom KOCE promo for our Black History Month special,  For Love of Liberty: The Story of American Black Patriots, an inspiring look at the largely untold history of African American participation in America’s armed forces.   We will be airing the spot with great frequency throughout the month of February prior to the Feb. 21st airdate.
We appreciate that you have contributed your time and talent to support and promote KOCE for a second year!    
Best regards,
Ed Miskevich
Station Manager
17011 Beach Blvd. #1550
Huntington Beach, CA 92647-0476

714-861-4320     edm@koce.org

Yes, may I add my appreciation as well.  It's a beautiful spot, obviously crafted with much time, creativity and care.   We very much appreciate your support of KOCE, Orange County public television!

Best regards,

Pat Petric, Director of Broadcasting




William N. Byers, Jr. was selected by the Black Chamber of Commerce of Orange County to receive The Business Person of The Year Award on June 21, 2003 at the Disneyland Hotel Grand Ballroom.
Hi William,

I've spent about an hour going through your website and will be continuing over the weekend...it's that interesting. My initial critique is that I really like your website because it's both informative and professional.

It's set up simply without insulting the intelligence level of whomever may view the site. It's mainly audio/visual which would satisfy the majority of your audience's attention span yet for those who want to take the time or need more you've addressed that as well. Your samples cover a wide range of entertainment, history, travel, non-profits, etc., so that you're bound to zero in on any individual's preference. By pulling in the person through that initial interest, the viewer is then free to pull up other samples at will.

I especially like the information and tempo of your main (HD) video and because I'm a history buff, I think your 'History of the Buffalo Soldiers' is excellent. My one downside is if I notice graphics and on some, the title graphics threw me off. (This is a personal thing so don't mind this opinion.) I feel graphics in most, not all, instances should blend seamlessly and flow unnoticeably with whatever is being portrayed. For some reason, the title graphics on the above buffalo soldiers video seemed incongruent to the opening picture. I'm enjoying your work and will be continuing to look through your sites.

Thank you for asking and letting me share my opinion with you. As you see, I'm never short of opinions so can you imagine when I learn more about all of this? Have a blessed and fun weekend.

Pat Whitten, Alanta, GA

William, people just as Gerry did said how much they were impressed with the BrainShare video, it helped set the tone for the auction. We appreciate it and will help to provide you additional exposure for Explore Studios. Maybe you might want to write an article about multi media and the value of it use. This would be similar to the column Everett does using our database and website to increase his visibility. You could mention your relationship with FraserNet and the PowerNetworking Conference, and then direct them to your site.

Thanks again.

Gregory L. Williams

I just had to write and share with you how pleased I was with the BrainShare video you created. I saw it for the first time "live" at the Saturday luncheon with all the other participants. A smile quickly came across my face as I was watching it. You truly are a gifted man and a blessing to the Body of Christ. I really appreciated how you conveyed what BrainShare is all about, how the money is used, and how I auction. What also really "blew my mind" was how you were able to put that video together in such a short period of time.

God bless you my friend,
Gerry Foster

"Thanks Explorer Studios, for a job well done!"

I appreciate the extra time and effort your team put into our company awards video project. There was a lot of tricky details that were challenging to handle but you did so with great professionalism. I also like the way you offered your own input and suggestions that I hadn't thought of to give the project more production value. Your patience and willingness to be available for multiple changes we had to make to the project was an added plus. "Your reasonable price and the service we received was well worth it!"


Explorers Studios re-designed my website using various videos made by non-professionals turning my website into a website envied by all. Byers cleverly used the right colors to enhance my videos, created a colorful mural as a backdrop for the different pages and constructed a map page. His meticulous and creative mind produced an interesting and informative website for everyone to enjoy.

Arlene T. Dyer
REYD Publications

Congrats......on your award from the Black Chamber and also on the new partnership with the TV series, Colorful on PBC. I totally enjoyed walking though your site, it was easy, fun and informative.

Nadine Branch