Explorer Studios, Inc. was launched in 2004, and already they have a full slate ahead of them for they each brought their own rolodex of clients and vendor partners.

Explorer Studios is building a team of high energy professionals who take pride in a job well done. We are building a production family of loyal people who feel appreciated and want a sense of accomplishment and the security that comes with it.

Explorer Studios is focused on providing innovative solutions for our clients. We take our client's content and utilizing streaming media, add digital video, flash animation, and custom sound design for the most dynamic end user experience.

Our services include video production, interactive programming, custom sound design, voice over, and DVD authoring. We are proud of our reputation for putting the client first. The high energy level we bring, as well as our client first attitude, has brought us success as well as the success of the clients we serve.

As a company, our main objective focuses around three unique business needs: Marketing Concepts and Design Packages, Visual Communications, and Educational Products.

We believe that our limitless creativity with production and technical expertise, as well as knowledge of marketing strategy, is what brings the highest possible level of quality and service to our client base and the communities we serve.

Imagination is no longer limited by technology.