About Us

Explorer Studios, Inc. is a full service, professional video production company that help guide a client from concept to execution. This includes scriptwriting to shooting along with editing and replication. Whether you are looking for Professional, Broadcast, or High Definition video, we will work within the financial and creative parameters given to us our clients.

In addition to providing turnkey productions, Explorer Studios also provide professional on-location production services in the Southern California area. Explorer Studios can provide production across the country and around the world.


Additional services include video editing, interactive programming, custom sound design, voice over, and DVD authoring. Explorer Studios is proud of its reputation for putting the client first. The high energy level we bring, as well as our “client-first” attitude has created a successful environment for both Explorer Studios and the vast number of clients we serve.

It is our limitless creativity with production and technical expertise, as well as expert marketing strategy that brings the highest possible level of quality and service to our client base and the communities we serve.