Explorer Studios has a rolodex of relationships and has formed Alliances with key vendor partners and outsource channels.

1. CD Digital Card is a full-service CD, DVD and Shaped digital disc manufacturer. They design, engineer, and manufacture superior quality CD's and DVD's for a diverse customer base. CD Digital Card is a one-stop manufacturing solution providing services to Corporate Clients, Multimedia Companies, Advertising Agencies, Marketing Companies, Optical Disc Replicators/Duplicators, and Fulfillment Companies. CD Digital Card utilizes state of the art CNC-controlled equipment to produce the highest quality shaped CD, DVD, and CDR products available.

CD Digital Card NEW PRODUCT!!

Flex DVD is an eco friendly and the most cost effective DVD in the market place today. Flex DVD is a mass mailing solution, better for the environment and even come in a variety of scents. Let Us know if you have questions.

Traveltodogood.com, a division of the Affinity Partners Consulting, is a volunteer travel community, program provider and resource network. As social entrepreneurs, we utilize entrepreneurial principals to organize and manage volunteer travel programs, activities and events for social change. We do this by creating opportunities for travelers to participate in the life and culture of a destination by including a volunteer and/or service project within their travel destination experience.


The Showpros Group is a creative agency and live event production company. We work with companies and organizations to create memorable experiences through Business Theater™, multimedia presentations and video. We work with our clients, learning their goals and creating events that strengthens their brand and purpose.

Founded in 1978, The Showpros has become a leading single source meeting communications producer to Fortune 500 corporations and non-profit/community organizations nationwide. From developing a thorough knowledge of business requirements and understanding audience needs, The Showpros has effectively designed and produced meeting communicationsprograms that have created positive impact and excitement.